1. Tea – Earl Grey $2.50
2. Tea – English Breakfast $2.50
3. Theneer $2.50
Tamilnadu style strong tea with milk flavoured with ginger and cardamom.
4. Elachai paal $2.50
Warm milk with powdered cardamom.
5. Manjal Paal $2.50
Warm turmeric milk flavoured with a dash of pepper. Traditionally used to cure cold and sorethroat.
6. Kootenay Coffee $2.50
7. South Indian Special Coffee $2.50
Strong chicory-flavoured coffee brewed from a special coffee powder sourced from South India.
8. Freshly Squeezed OJ $3
South Indian Breakfast
Seved with Sambar and chutney
9. Idli $6
Steamed rice-cakes which are a great source of carbohydrates and protein. Idlis are considered one of the healthiest foods in the world.
10. Dosai Varieties
i. Plain Dosai $6
Thin crepes made from rice and white lentil. Great source of carb and protein.
ii. Ghee Roast $7.5
Dosai cooked with a generous amount of clarified butter(ghee).
iii. Masala Dosai $7.5
Dosai stuffed with a seasoned potato filling. A carb-rich food.
iv. Cheese Dosai $8.5
Cheese stuffed dosai.
v. Egg Dosai $8
Dosai cooked with an egg on top.
vi. Chicken Dosai $9
Dosai stuffed with a peppery chicken filling.
vii. Podi Dosai $7
Dosai sprinkled with a generous dash of in-house spice powder.
11. Uthappam (3)
i. Plain $5
Soft and spongy small dosais.
ii. Veggie $6
Uthappams cooked with seasonal vegetables on one side.
12. Uluntha Vadai $2
Protien-rich savoury donout-shaped lentil fritters flavoured with ginger, cumin and curry
13. Paruppu Vadai $2
Lentil fritters mildy spiced with fennel, cumin, ginger, cilantro and curry leaves.
Traditional Breakfast
14. Egg to your order $7.50
Served with inhouse made buns and masala potato
15. Omlette
Served with inhouse made buns and masala potato
i. CCC omelette $10
Cilantro, Chilli and Cheese Omlette.
ii. Masala omlette $10
Onion , chilli and curry leaves omlette made with inhouse made spices.
iii. Chicken omelette $13
Chef’s secret recipe.
16. Chicken benny $13
Pulled curry chicken topped with poached egg and Chef Ciraj’s curry sauce.
17. Paneer benny $12
Grilled Indian cottage cheese topped with poached egg and Chef Ciraj’s curry sauce.
18. Avocado- egg bake $11
Beyond the heart-healthy fatty acids and high protein count, this low-sugar and fiber-filled breakfast will kick off your day on a healthy high note.
19. Vada pav $8
Mumbai-style potato sandwich made with in-house baked buns.
20. Kuli Paniyaram $8
Tamilnadu style banana pancakes broiled in special moulds.
21. Aval Payasam $6.5
Flattened rice porridge simmered in cardamom-flavored milk and topped with dry nuts.